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Time for a Website Facelift!

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That’s me

I am giving the website quite the overhaul to please bear with me in the meantime! This ‘facelift’ will include several updates including a more improved interface, portfolio, and even this blog! 

The previous site was all coded by hand which made it sore of difficult to throw in some of the more advanced functionality I developed over the years while maintaining the overall look and few. Some of the key areas I really want to improve on this second version is better content management for my projects and to toy around with generating improved SEO to the site.

As of right now everything seems to be going smoothly; the site is validated and the overall theme of the page is truly better than I would have hoped for.

I can’t wait to share all the exciting new content for the website! I will be sure to get it all sparkly in no time!

Get ready for some exciting new changes!