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readCaption – A usable jQuery plugin

readCaption example

Last year as a project I was tasked to develop a jQuery plugin. I wanted to create something that offered more usability to users navigating an application and came up with the idea for readCaption.What is readCaption? Simply put, it is a jQuery plugin which will display an image’s alt text in a div that can be toggled when the user clicks on it. A case for use would be if the alt text of an image matched a caption element with visible text that was too small to read. The user would only need to click on the image and generate a much more readable caption.

See the Pen
readCaption jQuery plugin
by Jared (@jhhinkle)
on CodePen.

As seen above, once the image is clicked, the alt text will appear. Pretty neat huh? This is one of my more favorite projects; it is a great reminder to always think of the users that visit my website. Sure readCaption may not be for every website but it is the thought that counts. I want to make sure in what ever project I work on I constantly ask “is this usable?”, “what group of users am I missing?”. Questions like this ensures my projects are compliant and I give everything I put on the page a purpose.