enerlites cross reference page screenshot
Competitor Cross Reference Sheet

Enerlites is a leading electrical manufacturer I worked with alongside Top Greener. They are a B2B company with a large scale distribution system across the country.

I initially worked on the current website, migrating it from React.js to WordPress CMS for better inventory management and usability for non-technical staff to update. I have integrated custom APIs from their Google Drive spreadsheets to create dynamic tables to populate competitor products and inventory reports for sales representatives.

UPDATE June 2023: I am near completion with a rebrand to the Enerlites website to incorporate new color and layout styles. 

enerlites homepage screenshot
Enerlites Homepage


topgreener gmatrix score
Top Greener GTmetrix Score

I was hired by Top Greener as a Web Developer to initially fix their WordPress site. When I started the website would take anywhere from 18 seconds to over a minute to load (and eventually crash). They had worked with third party agencies in the past to resolve this issue but it turned into adding band-aids to band-aids.

Within my first 3 months I was able to optimize the site to load under 3 seconds. I replaced a lot of unnecessary plugins and content  with custom scripts to cut down on bloat and improve functionality. The site also experienced a XSS credit card attack on two separate occasions which I was able to prevent as well.

I received Employee of the Quarter within my first 6 months of service and increased sales on our website by 94% within my first year of service compared to the year prior.

topgreener homepage screenshot
Top Greener Homepage
topgreener product catalog screenshot
Top Greener Catalog


lider electric product screenshot
Lider Electric Product

Lider Electric is a small luxury brand of electrical devices in the same manufacturing industry as Top Greener and Enerlites. 

The overall functionality is similar to Top Greener with some optimized improvements. It mainly began as a catalog site which I later was able to integrate a Clover checkout system with WooCommerce.

lider electric homepage screenshot
Lider Electric Homepage
lider electric product catalog screenshot
Lider Electric Catalog


Homespice is the first e-commerce site I wrote with pure PHP, MySQL and Front-End languages. The main purpose of the site was to learn how to create a custom shopping cart for online stores as well as include user ratings and one-click checkouts. It uses PayPal as its main payment gateway.

Homespice homepage
Homespice Homepage


readCaption is the first jQuery plugin I created. It was created for user accessibility purposes and allows the user to view the alt text of an image once it is clicked on. This would be useful for users who do not know what the image is about, have trouble seeing it, and developers who want to check if page images have alt text.

It can currently be viewed on LGPMeals.com.

readCaption displaying alt text when image is clicked


Colombo App was my first deployed application with React. It uses the YouTube Api to fetch episodes of my favorite TV show, Colombo.

Colombo App Episode Page
A list of Colombo episodes via Youtube API


These are old.

But the do showcase the parts of a website that are important to me – mainly data flow and functionality.

These bits of code are simple but can be essential to a lot of different applications. My main focus here is function over performance so these snippets can be styled to fit any brand need required.

Sales Graph (made with chart.js)

A project to displaty sales data for a private client. This project pulls data from a Google Spreadsheet and displays it as a chart with chart.js. This is a JavaScript library used to make graphs and charts. For more information Click Here.

 Form Validator

This is a basic form validator created in ES6. The beauty of this validator is adding automatic validation to any additional field that is added. For example if I needed to add additional text fields they would automatically required additional validation without additional code.

See the Pen readCaption plugin by Jared (@jhhinkle) on CodePen.


This is a jQuery plugin I created to show the alt text of an image when a user clicks on it. The idea behind this is to improve user accessibility for those with weaker versions of eyesight.

See the Pen Click to Englarge by Jared (@jhhinkle) on CodePen.

Image Enlarger

Just a quick and simple ‘Click to Englarge’ photo viewer. I think it’s practical and well suited for e-commerce applications.


Another skill I specialize in is producing video projects for businesses, services and other organizations. I am an experienced videographer and producer for marketing videos. I primarily edit using Final Cut Pro. below are some samples of various industries I have worked with: 

Sunset Yoga Bonfire - Community

Chefesito Sushi - Small Business

UC San Diego - Education

Educate 2 Envision - Non-Profit