matches midnight book cover

Another story I wrote: Matches Midnight and the Porcelain Marmot

matches midnight book cover

If there is one thing I love more than solving problems it’s watching other people do it. I generally find myself browsing through old detective movies whenever I am not coding. I have always been a fan of the no-nonsense nature and was inspired to write my own story.

Matches Midnight is like a mix of Batman, Colombo, and with a pinch of Phillip Marlow. He is the classic sleuth who is used to things not going his way. In many noirs the lead usually falls victim to his own reputation and Matches is no exception. Trouble just seems to find him!

excerpt from matches midnight getting beat up by thugs and walking disheveled down the street

A majority of the book was created in Adobe Illustrator with initial designs mocked up in Photoshop. 

I wanted to design to have a vibrant feel to it so I incorporated a lot of color, even in the white spaces. Most of the designs were inspired by French New Wave  films with offbeat characters and a deemphasized plot line to keep things stylish and upbeat. 

excerpt from matches midnight book where matches meets the mystery women talking about the porcelain marmot

If you share the same appreciation for the detective genre as much as I do then I believe Matches Midnight will be right up your alley. You can read the whole book here.